Monday, December 21, 2020, 20:15

The grow facility includes an ante room which will be home to the reception and sterilization areas. In the sterilization area visitors and workers are fitted with sterilized over clothes, face masks, gloves, andbe instructed on the appropriate behavior when coming in contact with the growth floor.

The growth floor currently contains one 3,000 gallon water tanks that will purify and treat local water and store it for back up should anything happen to the city water source.

The growth floor also has a backup power source should there be any type of power outage. This insures that no shock be done to the plants and THC levels are kept low and manageable.

The growth floor consists of rows of custom leveled planter boxes. These boxes house a custom soil mixture and plants on top, and custom lighting on top, for the row of plants below them.

The facility also includes an isolated, sealed nursery where the plants will be separated and grown to the budding stage lighting is optimal on both the growth floor and in the nursery 100% of the time. There are daily water, and soil pH tests conducted on the grow floor and in the nursery with monthly CBD and THC tests.

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