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The importance of indoor growing of hemp is insurmountable. While there are many industrial hemp farms in the United States, the percentage of indoor farms remain a small percentage of the industry. This is due to costs associated with indoor farming and lack of education amongst farmers. The following pages will explain why indoor farming is vital, and how indoor farming, and Hempster Labs will be operated.

Controlling THC production:
In order to understand why indoor farming is superior to outdoor farming, one must understand the plant and how it reacts to its environment. Hemp, for the purpose of CBD production, is one of the most temperamental plants to be farmed. The reason being is that this plant quickly reacts to any change in its environment. Any change; including light, temperature, moisture, and movement will force the plant to self-protect. The process of self-protection in a hemp plant leads to increased THC. The more the plant is shocked, the more THC it will produce. In the growing of hemp for the production of CBD, very low THC is required. This means that growing the plant in an environment that is 100% controlled is a
must. One shock to the outdoor crop, one rain fall, one windstorm, and a farmer could be looking at complete crop failure due to high THC. If THC levels reach more 0.3% delta, the entire crop must
immediately be destroyed. This would be considered a total loss, and soil cleansing and replanting would be necessary.

Increase in size of hemp plant:
While standard outdoor plants will grow to maturity at around 4 feet, indoor growing can yield an 8ft. plant. Twice the size of the plant equals twice the end product. Indoor growing [also] gives flower strains the best opportunity to fully develop its DNA and roots to produce the maximum amount of CBD. It’s going to maximize the genetic potential and can help (..) produce 2 to 3 pounds of bud.
(O’Connor Ph.D, 2019)

Increase in size of crop.
Indoor growing of hemp allows for surface area to be manipulated. Plants can be grown in trays which can be stacked as high and the indoor structure will allow. Because stacking can occur, less square footage is required. Not only will the plant size increase, so will the crop size. Indoor farming also provides a sterile pest free environment which lessens the risk of crop loss and promotes healthier crops. The unique tray systems also keep plants separated and limits the risk of the soil being compromised to the tray, rather than the entire crop itself. Indoor growing, with the tray system, also allows crops to be  simultaneously growing so that there is a crop reaching maturity once a month.

Higher rated products, and higher payout:
Because the grow facility is more easily manipulated than outdoor farms, high CBD low THC plants can be harvested. The facility itself will also be used as a unique show floor for potential clients. Clients can be flown in to town, taken to the facility, taken through a sterilization process, and receive a tour of the facility and get a firsthand look at the products they are intending to buy. This process will impress a potential buyer and demand high dollar sales.

Early separation of male and female plants via the indoor nursery:
Within the grow facility will be an isolated and protected nursery. Here male and female plants will be separated early. Male plants will be destroyed off site. The presence of male plants causes the female plants to produce seeds and not grow to their potential as a CBD producing plant. Because the nursery is isolated the presence of male plants will not come into contact with or manipulate the female plants that have already been moved to the grow floors. The nursery will also have special lighting, soil, and
hydration that will promote the healthiest and highest producing female plants to be presented to the grow floor. The plants will bud faster and more efficiently than they would outdoors or on the growth floor itself.

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